Horse Farm for Sale in Illinois near Chicago . Full equestrian facilities on this property
   The property is priced at  $995,000, which is very competitive even in these times. Comps are very hard to come by as
there are so few properties like this and they seem to sell only when people retire to another part of the country (that has
been the history here!)Prices are starting to go up and there is a housing shortage starting, land will become even more
valuable as time goes on
. Land is finite- there is just so much, especially in this area- with Lake Michigan on one side,
Chicago to the South and Milwaukee to the North- there isn't much left! This is a prime location- and you know what they
 This property offers a lot of options- including horse boarding that would easily pay the mortgage, especially as much as
horse boarding is going up every year! Would be a fabulous vacation home or a home that makes you feel you are always
on vacation! Great schools, great neighbors, very low crime, low stress!

Thank you!

847- 650-5432